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Promote rider wellbeing: Through our coaching, we will support you to improve your cycling so you enjoy your riding and feel better in everyday life!

Support riders to feel more confident when cycling on the road: We coach the concept of dynamic road positioning and promote a positive and interactive approach to sharing the road with others.

Keep things simple: We provide straight-talking, accessible advice to help you ride smart and feel more confident when cycling.

A promotion of a routine-based approach to cycling: Packaging specific techniques or maneuvers into bite-sized sequences that are easier to remember and practise; always underpinned by good decision making.

Incremental coaching: We step things up when necessary so riders can develop their cycling progressively and feel challenged.

Holistic approach: We think about the whole package such as through giving advice on how riders can stay healthy and injury-free or through providing inclusion strategies to break down barriers to cycling.
Continuous development for both riders and professional coaches. There are always aspects to our riding or coaching that can be improved. Eager Cycle Coaching is committed to processes of customer feedback and self-reflection in order to continuously improve its coaching services.


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