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Led-rides for riders of different ages and experience levels: Eager Cycle Coaching is delighted to be partnering with the Royal Borough of Greenwich to offer eight exciting led-rides this Spring and Summer for people living, working and studying in the borough.

Three categories of led-rides: Family-focused, commuter-focused, and scenic / themed rides for experienced riders.

The led-rides will take in a variety of scenery including some of London's newest cycling infrastructure and will be perfect for those wishing to develop their experience cycling in and around for the borough, be it for leisure, health and wellbeing, or commuting purposes.



Coaching is always bespoke to the needs of the group but may include anything from core cycling skills, to more advanced techniques such as high speed cornering, riding in close proximity, and chain-ganging.

On-road training that adheres to the Department of Transport's National Standard for cycle training. This coaching is hugely helpful for all riders and is, in our view, essential for ride leaders.

Sessions for more experienced cyclists who want to develop their technique before joining a club or carrying out longer rides or cycling events and races.

Bespoke sessions for ride leaders who wish to support other members of their club or group to ride safely on the road.

Coaching bulletins via email on request.

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